Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you draw. Sometimes it rains.


What if you held a soccer game and no one came? What if you held a soccer game and nearly 20,000 people came, but so did thunderstorms? We learned the answer to the second question last night: the game gets postponed.

Given Sporting's crowded schedule (we have a home match against New England Wednesday followed by a match at Seattle on Saturday), the unexpected break isn't a bad thing for us. Given our injury situation, with Zusi being out last night with his concussion, Espinoza being out with a knock from training, and Sinovic being scratched from the starting lineup just prior to the scheduled start due to illness, taking some time to heal and recover is a great thing for us.

It still kind of sucks to be all hyped and ready to go and then have Mother Nature tell you "no."

Mother Nature can be rather emphatic with her refusals in this part of the world. I've seen plenty of MLS haters on the twitter machine explain that last night's postponement is just another example of the English Premier League's superiority over MLS. After all, the argument goes, if the English leagues refused to play in a little rain they'd never get any games in, since it rains all the time there. There's plenty to criticize about MLS, but this weather-based argument is bullshit.

Alas, I've never been to England, but I do have a friend from London who has visited me here on his various trips to America. My friend tells me that English rain showers are to the thunderstorms of the American midwest as hummingbirds are to F-35s. On one of his first visits to the States, my English friend encountered a relatively small storm on an ill-considered drive across a portion of the Great Plains. The hail, his fear of encountering one of those legendary 'tornados' he had heard about, and the epic amount of lightning (which really is the most dangerous part of most storms) has left him checking the skies on his subsequent visits.

The conclusion from this meteorological digression: in England, inclement weather will make fans and players wet; in the US, inclement weather will not only make fans and players wet, but will also quite possibly pelt them with chunks of ice hurtling from above at their terminal velocity, zap them with a billion or so volts of electricity, and suck them into a funnel cloud and/or pummel them with flying debris.

I've got no problem with the game being postponed. Go, Sporting!