I hate the Houston Dynamo

As my wife and I work to get dinner done before the Sporting match in Houston tonight, I would like to take a few moments to remind everyone that the Houston Dynamo are notable in MLS for just how despicable they are. At any given moment, it's hard for me to say which Sporting KC rival I loathe the most. Sure, there's old history with Handball United DC United, but recent history makes it hard for me to pick between RSL, the Sounders, and the Dynamo for the the team I most despise. Tonight we play Houston, so for tonight the Dynamo are my least favorite team in the league.

Don't let their position in the standings fool you: Houston is always a hard team to play. Sporting could easily lose tonight. Three points would do wonders for Sporting's playoff position, and a single point would be a good result tonight.

Go, Sporting!