Holidays I can believe in

Even if I enjoy the stories behind religious holidays, I'm not big on observing holidays I don't put stock in. Fortunately, today is one of the holidays I believe in whole heartedly. I'm not talking about Easter.

Today is Opening Day.

Today your baseball team is at the top of the standings. Today is the first day to smell fresh cut grass and imagine the heat of summer, even if you don't feel the warm sun yet. September may be a slog of near Lenten proportions for fans of teams out of playoff contention, but today pure hope for October fills us all.

I'm something of a religious traditionalist when it comes my baseball. I don't much care for opening the season with a stand-alone game, even when my team is playing. One of baseball's virtues is the embarrassment of riches it bequeaths us, with more than a dozen games across four time zones most days of the summer; limiting the bounty on the first day of the season seems unfair.

I''ll be enjoying a multi-sport embarrassment of riches today, with Sporting hosting Philadelphia first, and the Cards hopefully opening a mostly refurbished Wrigley Field with a victory for the visitors.

Happy Holiday!