Different ways to be bad: reflections on #SportingKC #HOUvSKC

Even Peter Vermes calls Sporting's performance in losing 1-0 to Houston last night a bad one. PV's right, of course, but I'm enough of a contrarian to be pleased that we at least found a new way to be bad. Remember how Sporting capitulated at home to San Jose? Remember what happened in Orlando?  Sporting looked plenty bad in those games--bad in a way that involved giving up bucketfuls of goals. The Dynamo aren't exactly a potent attacking side, but holding any team to a single goal on six shots (four on goal) is improvement of a sort after the defensive woes of recent days.

Sure, Sporting played a wretched game of soccer in Houston. They couldn't build a decent attack because they couldn't possess the ball. They couldn't possess the ball because they couldn't string together completed passes. Sporting, as they always seem to do against Houston, played the slow and physical game that suits the Dynamo so much better than it suits Sporting. We lost as a result, and deservedly so.

What Sporting didn't do in Houston was leak goals. Playing bad soccer while only giving up a single goal is a novel concept for this team. They have to play better to make the playoffs, but it's easier to improve from this kind of bad than the kind of bad that loses at home 5-0.

This is improvement of a sort. I hope the improvement continues.

Go, Sporting!