Bye Weeks

The rhythm of a sport's season is a rhythm of life. A 34-game Major League Soccer season is a grind (even if it's less than a 162-game baseball season). Games stretch from cold early spring right through the heat of summer and into the frigid December, if you are lucky enough to still be playing for a cup at the end of the playoffs. Over those months, joy and loss punctuate work and monotony, for players and fans alike--albeit with a lot more work from the players.

We get bye weeks sometimes, like the one Sporting is on now. This is a weekend for fans to maybe watch some baseball or catch other action around the league or follow the Women's World Cup. Bye weeks are a good time to clean out the garage or brew a batch of beer--both missions on my agenda for the weekend.

Bye weeks are a nice break, but no one wants them to last long. This one doesn't. Sporting is back in action for the US Open Cup tournament--which is a separate tournament in addition to the 34-game league season--on Tuesday.

For now, I can enjoy a low-key weekend. Come Tuesday, go Sporting!