Breaking news

We all love breaking news. People with white teeth and shellacked hair scream at me about 'breaking news' when I'm foolish enough to turn on my television. I guess that gets people to tune in at ten. A 'breaking news' approach to television or blogging or life will leave you exhausted and empty in the end. The news is never done breaking. That may sound like job security, but there's always someone else there to function as a conduit between events and the people interested in what's happening.

I started thinking about breaking news during a work meeting when my phone started buzzing with news of Sportting Kansas City releasing Marin, the goalkeeper signed from Chile I was so high on, because last year's MLS pool 'keeper, Melia, has supplanted the international. 

I wanted to jump on here and blog the 'breaking news' before it expired, but I do have to actually earn a living with my day job. So now I am on my phone blogging about not blogging yesterday's breaking news a day late while I wait at an appointment. 

You know what? The wait didn't hurt me. It's nice to know about the breaking news, but it's okay to let someone else do the breaking.